Mojka Žagar
  Voice Nurturing and
Natural Singing
Mojka Žagar

Mojka Žagar

Learning natural singing and voice nurturing provides help, support and guidelines in the research, cognition and development of one's own sound quality with respect and stimulation of the unique character of each individual. It is designed to suit anyone, regardless of their age, musical knowledge, development of their musical ear, singing ambitions …


Throwing the ball, relaxed movement for a relaxed voice. (Pržan, Ljubljana, 2007)

Natural singing is relaxed singing without any kind of constraint when your whole body resonates as an attuned instrument what is pure joy. Your voice is released of all convulsiveness, blockages and restraints of physical, emotional or mental origin. For the voice holds within it the sound quality of the entire personality and is not simply a product of the physical body.

Unrelaxed states, convulsions during singing (and speaking!) present obstacles to the equable flow of energies, air and free oscillation of the vocal chords, which in turn causes tension, voice tiredness, raucousness, diminishes the expression capacities … and even causes physical damage to the vocal or singing organs.

To nurture voice means to listen to your inner voice, which is an instrument, and ,enable it to sound in all its magnitude, through conscious relaxation and correct breathing. In this way your voice gains gleam, density, its piercing tone and clarity to stand out in all the colours given to each individual, Our voice is our card of identity, given that it also reflects all our momentary states – physical, emotional and mental.
Moreover, by getting to know our own voice, we recognise and gain awareness of our inner states. That is why the relaxation techniques of your throat and the lessons of natural singing are also therapeutic and heal you from the inside out, your body and mind.

The lessons of natural singing and voice nurturing provide help and support at the research, cognition and development of your own voice, as well as yourself as a person. . They are designed for anyone, regardless of their age, musical knowledge, the development of their musical ear, their singing ambitions ...


Mojka Žagar (Rožna dolina, Ljubljana, 2016)

The work is organised on individual basis and comprises exercises in relaxation, breathing, diction, melodics, taking into account the »golden rules« of natural speech and singing and what's more, the abilities and talents of each individual.
With regular exercise and attention, the liberated speech and singing become a way of life that opens the door for other fields of self-cognisance and self-realisation.

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